Does the front of your house face south? – Then you need to read this

When it comes to replacing your external domestic front door, the material options on offer can be quite overwhelming. Today we’re going to discover why aluminium is the best material for this use and how it can benefit you as a homeowner.


No Changes to the Material Over Time

A front door is an investment that should last you and your family many years. The good news is that aluminium doesn’t rust, expand, or contract. Compared to materials such as wood and uPVC, you won’t experience changes to the shape over the upcoming years. Many other materials warp over time, which mean you have to replace your door far sooner than you’d like. When you are making such a big upgrade to your home, you’ll find that aluminium is definitely the best way to go.

An Attractive Design Solution

You no doubt have a colour and style in mind for your new exterior door. Many homeowners are hoping to stick to the same colour scheme they have in place at the moment, which is no problem when selecting an aluminium door. Even if you want a dark door, such as a black door, but have been turned away by other companies due to your door facing south, you’ll find this is a possibility with aluminium doors. Even when it’s hit by sunlight each day, you’ll find that it can tolerate the heat, and it won’t impact the colour in the future. While you might pay a little more for an aluminium door upfront, you’ll find that the long-lasting results make this a worthwhile investment.

Provide Security and Warmth for Your Home

Our aluminium doors are constructed from the highest quality aluminium, which will stand the test of time and keep you and your family secure. Aluminium is a very reliable and sturdy material but will also make a warm welcome to the entryway of your home.

Tested to UK Standards

When purchasing anything for your home, you want to ensure it will be a safe option to protect your family. All of our aluminium doors meet and exceed UK standards, and each one comes with multi-point locking. We know that homeowners are now looking for more modern solutions for their homes, so you can also enjoy smart keyless entry if that’s something you are after. We’ll work with you to select the architectural hardware that’s right for your property, ensuring you and your family feel safe in your home at any time of the day or night.

With so many benefits of aluminium for external front doors, it’s no surprise homeowners are now moving away from wood and uPVC. We encourage you to browse through our wide range of doors, all of which will look great added to any home. Contact us today for more information about aluminium front doors and the benefits they can offer to you in the future.