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Dortech Doors | Bringing Doors and Technology Together

Our new range of luxury domestic external doors have been created with over 25 years of manufacturing expertise. Using thermal aluminium profiles – to protect against weather conditions and wear and tear – our doors are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Your front door is your home’s chance to make a lasting first impression and says everything about your style, identity and individuality. Your door is an investment; something that separates you from the world after a long day and keeps your home safe secure and stylish.

We’ve worked tirelessly on the look and feel of our doors to set them apart from anything else available on the market. Every detail has been specially selected and developed to ensure a quality finish, every time. We pride ourselves on products that not only look good, but function with the upmost security and reliability.

The concept originated in Yorkshire with design options that enable you to express your individuality:

The Malton:

  • Warm, contemporary and robust.
  • A door designed with style, security and privacy.

The Otley:

  • Classic, timeless and traditional.
  • This door is designed to allow natural daylight into your property whilst maintaining maximum privacy.


The Harrogate:

  • Sleek, stylish and modern.
  • This design wouldn’t look out of place on a Beverley Hills Mansion or St. Tropez promenade.

The Linton:

  • Bold, daring and contemporary.
  • This door makes you stand out from the crowd and gives your home a statement look.