Structual Silicone Glazed (SSG) Curtain Walling

Dortech Capless Curtain Walling

Dortechs Structural Silicone Glazed Curtain Wall systems can be used to create almost perfectly flush-fitted glass facades. The appearance of structural glazing system & maintenance is achieved by using profiles that are only visible on the room side. From the outside, only the glazing and the slender shadow joints are visible. The gap between each piece of glass is approximately 25mm (this can vary) in comparison to the 50 & 60mm site line prevalent with traditional, visible grid curtain wall system. There are two main types of SSG system Dortech offers;

The first is based upon specialist commercial double glazing units which are manufactured to include an SSG spacer bar which incorporates a channel. Typically the spacer bar will have a bronze anodised finish. Structural silicone is used to bond each piece of glass to the spacer-bar. Once the curtain wall grid has been erected on site, these specialist glass units are delivered to site and locked into the grid using metal toggles which are designed specifically for each respective aluminium suppliers curtain wall system. Finally a compatible silicone is applied over the top of the vertical and horizontal joints to create a flush finish.

The second utilises traditional double glazed units manufactured with structural silicone. Aluminium carrier frames are then bonded around the perimeter of each piece of glass with structural silicone. On site, the perimeter frame is locked into the curtain wall grid and then silicone is applied over the gap between each piece of glass.

Please note: the SSG Curtain wall systems cannot accomodate significant structural movements.

Dortech has carried out a number of projects utilising the following SSG Curtain wall systems:
  • Technal MX52+SG
  • Technal MX62+SG
  • Technal MY
  • Senior Architectural Systems SF52

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